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Invite other organizers to organize events for your brand

Start planning your event from day one. Collaborate with your co-workers or distribute them among co-workers all around the world and have them follow your guidelines that you have set in the build-in handbook. Use the same consistant branding throughout all your events. Utilize the data of pas events.

Quick event page customization

Your event page is the business card of your event. It’s the place for that will attract your target audience, participants and it is the place that sponsors will be looking at. Create your own forms for your audience and setup your (automatic) e-mails responses towards your growing contact database. Style your event page according your brand guidelines while adding content is as easy as toasting bread.

Application management in 1 central database

All your events will be receive information about their attendees. You decide what you want to know. Manage all that data from one simple overview and zoom in on that specific application that you want to know more about.

Enrich your event with our Judging Tool and Matchmaking engine.

Increase interaction with our Matching engine. Let participants select their preferred matchups while you decide what the matching criteria is. Our algorithm will do the rest and will calculate the best possible timeschedule for the live-meetings for every participant. Invite judges that will be able to judge the participants with our customizable judging tool to decide who is the best.

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